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Managing your organization’s retirement plan is a significant responsibility. Your participants rely on you to provide for their own futures. Your organization needs things done right to avoid problems or future liability. There’s a lot on the line.

At Capital Research + Consulting, we’ve been helping people like you with retirement plans for almost three decades. With our specialized, extensive experience, we provide a reliable, low-risk choice for plan sponsors.

Our approach has been refined over the years. Here’s how you can benefit:

Our Proprietary Early Warning System.

Your participants rely on you to provide sound investment options. Here, prevention is key. Over the years, we’ve identified a handful of signals mutual funds give off prior to faltering. Our research has found that these signals usually result in later underperformance. We’ve invested in automating our research, and now you, and your participants benefit. Our Early Warning System continuously monitors your plan’s funds. We receive an alert when and if it signals. At that time, we’ll research and recommend a suitable replacement. You’ll only find this at Capital Research + Consulting.

Superior Investment Options.

Target date funds have filled this needs historically, but especially during times of market volatility, have proven to be more risky than they appear. At Capital Research + Consulting, we provide your participants with a better option. Freed of the product-driven aspect of target date funds which can create a drag on performance, we combine funds from different fund families based on performance, not on brand. Then we use active management with low-cost index funds.  (Learn more about our Model Portfolios).

Full Fiduciary Service.

We act as your fiduciary, always putting your interests first. As an independent registered investment advisor, we don’t have the conflicts of those advisors affiliated with product companies or other corporate interests. So you can count on use for unbiased, objective advice. In our fiduciary role, we proactively assist you in implementing best practices and ensuring plan compliance. This includes creating and maintaining an Investment Policy statement, frequent fee reviews, fund selection, and vendor selection, and helping increase participant engagement.

Unparalleled, Unlimited Support.

It’s our job to make your job easier. However, surprisingly, many consultants don’t take the time to translate the data into plain English and instead bombard you with lengthy, difficult to understand reports. We take the time to translate them into short, executive briefings, then explain it all to you without jargon. Then, our team is always available for any additional help you need. All this, for one fee…so no extra charges or surprise bills.

Quarterly Meetings, no Matter What Size Plan You Have.

Many of the name brand consultants sound good on paper, but may not give equal weight to you if you’ve got a smaller plan. At CRC, we meet with every client, quarterly, either in person or virtually. This is an important part of preventing problems and we won’t omit this vital step.

Participant Education.

Some participants embrace investing for their future, but the vast majority don’t. As an employer, you need to ensure your employees become retirement-ready. We’re here to help.

We provide completely independent educational programs that empower participants to improve their financial future. We can provide seminar-based education at your location, or completely online financial wellness programs.  Our programs include critical education on the most practical topics:  managing debt, controlling investment fees, avoiding behavioral money mistakes and much more.

Is Capital Research + Consulting Right for You?

I want an independent fiduciary whose only loyaltyIs to our plan and participants

I want a specialist firm, not a generalist

I want a firm that will implement best practices to ensure our compliance

I want a firm that identifies and replaces failing funds sooner rather than later

I want a firm that offers superior options to target date funds, with less risk

I want a firm dedicated to participant outcomes

I want services and unlimited support provided for single fee with no surprise bills

I want a firm with the demonstrated track record to keep our plan safe


* Assets under advisement were over $4 billion and over 20,000 participants were served as of August 2018.

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