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Retirement Plan Insights

Retirement Plan Administration Lessons from Recent ERISA Lawsuits

retirement plan administration

Ideally, we learn from the experiences of others. If you’re a retirement plan sponsor, you’ll want to note some recent cautionary lessons.

Retirement Plan Sponsors: How to Keep Your 401(k) Committee on Track

401(k) committee

With continuing litigation, prevention is critical for plan sponsors. Here’s how to keep your 401(k) committee on track to help prevent future problems.

Why Fee Benchmarking Can Help Plan Sponsors Reduce Potential Liability

401k fee benchmarking

Fees have been a focal point of recent retirement plan litigation. Learn what you can do to help reduce potential liability and keep fees reasonable for participants.

Retirement Plan Advisors: Is a 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciary Best?

321 or 338 fiduciary retirement plan advisor

You’ve probably heard that a retirement plan advisor can help you control liability, but which type should you choose? Learn about 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciaries.

Retirement Plan Sponsors: Is Your 401(k) Plan Future-Proof?

Retirement Plan Sponsors Future Proof your 401k

The combination of financial stress and increasing retirement plan litigation equal more potential issues for plan sponsors. Learn how to reduce your potential liability.

How Plan Sponsors Can Help Reduce Participant Investing Mistakes

participant investing mistake

Most of the people enrolled in your organization’s retirement savings plan are not likely experienced investors. Learn about common participant investing mistakes and what you can do to help.

Six 401(k) Committee Best Practices to Reduce Your Liability

401k retirement plan committee

With the continued litigation trend, 401(k) committee members may wonder how to reduce potential liability. Here are 6 tips to help minimize liability and maximize service to participants.

How To Find The Best Financial Advisor for Your Retirement Plan

best financial advisor for retirement plan advisor

As a retirement plan sponsor, you are shouldering a lot of risk. With litigation on the rise, learn how you can hire the right type of financial advisor to help you minimize risk, while saving time and worry.

Why it’s Critical for Plan Sponsors to Continually Monitor Plan Investments

plan sponsors monitor funds

In a recent Supreme Court Decision, retirement plan sponsors got a clear message about the need to continually monitor plan investments. Learn all about this requirement and what you need to do to fulfill it in this article.

How Proper Documentation Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

retirement plan advisor documentation

You’ve heard the old adage “put it in writing”. With retirement plans, that concept couldn’t be more important. Find out how proper documentation can help reduce the potential for liability for retirement plan sponsors.

How an Investment Policy Statement Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

investment policy statement

If you’re a retirement plan sponsor, you’ve got significant liability for administering the plan properly. Find out how an Investment Policy Statement can help reduce potential liability against both you and your organization.

How a Simple Calendar Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

retirement plan administration calendar

As a retirement plan sponsor, you need to do everything you can to prevent legal action against your retirement plan. Learn how one simple tool…a calendar…might help you prevent future problems.

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Retirement Plan Advisor Capital Research + Consulting Launches New Website

Caplital research and consulting new website

At Pasadena-based Capital Research + Consulting, LLC, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new corporate website.

Retirement Plan Sponsors: It Can Be Costly to Underestimate Your Responsibilities

If you play a key role at an organization with a retirement plan, there’s a strong chance you would be considered a plan fiduciary. Learn what that means and how to stay out of trouble.

Retirement Plan Administration: The Problem with Target Date Funds

By almost any measure, target date funds have been a runaway success.  But there are also hidden dangers that may pose a threat to unsuspecting plan sponsors and participants. Learn the pros and cons of this common retirement plan investment.

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