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Retirement Plan Insights

Why Fee Benchmarking Can Help Plan Sponsors Reduce Potential Liability

401k fee benchmarking

Fees have been a focal point of recent retirement plan litigation. Learn what you can do to help reduce potential liability and keep fees reasonable for participants.

How Proper Documentation Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

retirement plan advisor documentation

You’ve heard the old adage “put it in writing”. With retirement plans, that concept couldn’t be more important. Find out how proper documentation can help reduce the potential for liability for retirement plan sponsors.

How an Investment Policy Statement Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

investment policy statement

If you’re a retirement plan sponsor, you’ve got significant liability for administering the plan properly. Find out how an Investment Policy Statement can help reduce potential liability against both you and your organization.

How a Simple Calendar Can Help Retirement Plan Sponsors Prevent Liability

retirement plan administration calendar

As a retirement plan sponsor, you need to do everything you can to prevent legal action against your retirement plan. Learn how one simple tool…a calendar…might help you prevent future problems.

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